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Preparing and closing a service

Planning the service:

Planning an OY service is pretty easy: all you need is a location, people, and some apparatus. In fact, having even 1 of these things is enough, but the service is better if all 3 are there. The list below should help you planning for a great service opening a wonderful Shabbat:

1. Send an invitation. The invitation should include the type of service (Shabbat, Seder, etc.), the time, the date and a general location (e.g., the usual place, city center, etc.). For security reasons, do not send out an exact address.

2. Challa. This is the highlight of the evening. A good Challa will assist in creating camaraderie as everyone will be praising the cook. A bad Challa will do exactly the same only that people will be lying.

3. Candles, wine, Siddurim. All of these should be already on site. It might be worthwhile to verify this with Brian.

Opening the Service:

I actually don't know how things are going to work in the new place. There was something about covering the TV with a cloth. For safety and insurance reasons, it is not allowed to light the candles outside of their special candlestick.

Closing the service:

I have no idea. You should probably make sure that everything is clean and our stuff are back in their place.